He is known for his sayings. Phrases such as “Hello yallo”, “Cross, angry, miserable”, and “I are the one”, but on Saturday night Bounty Killer unleashed a few new ones during the near two-hour musical clash with fellow deejay Beenie Man.

In true Bounty Killer style he started from the get-go, dropping rhymes and catchy lines that he seemed to even amuse himself. The usually grim-faced deejay flashed big grins repeatedly throughout the live stream.

During one segment of the set both artistes dropped tracks on which they collaborated with American hip hop acts. Bounty Killer was introducing his track Suicide Murder and said:

“This is Bounty Killer alongside Jeru the Damaja. New York underground hit, smash it. This nuh billboard, it kill board.”

As the clash progressed Beenie Man dropped his hit Romie and his opponent was waiting.

“Romie? Him nuh know mi. Nuh have nutt’n fi do with Romie. Yuh know who Romie is… wutliss like dull cutliss.”

He then responded with his track Wukliss Bwoy.

Another comeback was awaiting Beenie Man after he unleashed Ole Dog.

“Mi a ole lion. Mi nuh do dog business, cause dog do some doggish something. Lion and dog a different species,” Bounty Killer responded.

The trend of Bounty-styled comebacks and quips continued when Beenie Man played Girls dem sugar, the crossover hit featuring R&B act Maya.

“Him a di gal dem sugar, mi a di gal dem Lugar. When dem waan sweet up dem call Beenie, when dem want di supp’m beat up dem call Bounty”.

Bounty Killer has long been known for championing the cause of the under-represented and his songs such as Poor People Fed Up speaks to the suffering experienced by this sector of society.

As you know, I am the poor people governor. This is where we take them to Parliament and settle every argument… Dis a one a di song why mi nuh have nuh visa and cyaan leave yah.”

Not known for his dancing skills, Bounty Killer tried ‘a thing’ with Beenie Man’s daughter Desha Ravers, during the playing of World Dance.

“Yuh know mi can only do the Killer Swing, mi nuh do the dancing ting.”

With nearly half a million viewers during the stream, the who’s who of entertainment came out to witness the event. Among the industry’s A-listers who joined the live stream was Barbadian pop princess Rihanna. Bounty Killer did not miss the opportunity to send a special shout out to Riri, which cracked up everyone in studio and was perhaps the best line of the night.

“Just got to big up Riri, she on the live. Riri yuh see me me and Beeniee.”

In 1996 Beenie Man released the hit song Nuff Gal. When he played it on Saturday he declared that he was now a grown man and a ‘one burner’, pointing to his current partner Krystal Tomlinson who was on-site. Bounty Killer had a response waiting:

“Whole heap a gal, one wife and nuff concubine.”

With the event over, The Warlord had to live up to the moniker in paying respects to his fellow artiste.

“Me is a killing machine. Beenie is a good opponent, but him nuh have enough war component.”


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