Investigators are expected to continue their search of a plot of land in Spanish Town, St Catherine, where two bodies and several bones were found on Tuesday.

Police sources said the area is believed to be where one for the country’s most notorious criminal gang that is based in St Catherine has been using as a site to bury a number of their murdered victims.

The police said they swooped down on the location after more than two years of investigation.

Speaking at the site on Tuesday, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in charge of Crime, Fitz Bailey, said the police have been following investigative leads relative to the location for more than two years.

“For the past year and a half we have been getting intelligence and doing our investigations regarding the possibilities of bodies being buried at a site. … We were here last year and we came back two to three weeks ago… and we came back this morning and the result is that we have found at least two bodies,” he said.

Bailey pointed out that the operation was a joint effort involving numerous units of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), including the Scenes of Crime Unit and the Canine Division, as well as the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

While revealing that investigators suspect that the bodies had been buried for at least three years, he gave high commendations to the team that has been involved in the probe and the ongoing operation.

“A lot of commendation must be given to them and I want to say that the JCF has the capacity to treat with whatever crime we have to deal with. We have the forensic capabilities and having identified these bodies, we are going to also continue to use science… we have to use DNA as a means of identifying who these people are…,” he said.

Bailey moved to assure the nation that the JCF remains committed to the pursuit of justice, no matter how long it takes to be realised in each case. He said investigators are committed to the highest international standards of policing.

“The security forces continue to improve on the way we do business. We continue to build our capacity, and we are calling on Jamaica to support the effort… What we have uncovered here speaks to the level of commitment that we have within the JCF… and the level of training that our forensic crime scene investigators have been exposed to. We can stand up to any international scrutiny,” said Bailey.


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