Beenie Man has sought to address allegations that he is the man behind attacks on fellow Dancehall entertainers Spice and Daddy1.

Back in 2006, the Queen of Dancehall was reportedly ‘boxed down’ by alleged members of Beenie Man’s entourage, “bout 20 man come fi me, say dem a carry me to Beenie Man and me ongle hear when him say, Yuh fi go suck yuh madda. Yuh fi get a box inna yuh face,” Spice said in an interview at the time.

The ‘King of Dancehall’ singer shared his side of the story during a recent candid interview with YouTube blogger Teach Dem. According to Beenie Man, he has no beef with Spice and there is no truth to the rumours. Me and Spice nuh have nutten, you mad…Spice mek man bax her dung, ah lie unu ah tell pan me,” he said.

Beenie Man stated that the night in question, he was in his bus sleeping when Spice was doing her set at the GT Taylor ‘Extravaganza’ show in St Elizabeth in December of 2006, when his then-wife D’Angel created an uproar after Spice performed a diss track.

Beenie said, the real culprits involved in the altercation were his nephews who brought Spice to his bus after hearing the uproar. The Doc added that, any negativity directed was not at Spice but rather at mentor Baby Cham, who was also on stage performing with her at the time.

Fourteen years later, Beenie Man made similar headlines after it was reported that his crew attracted fast-rising Dancehall artiste Daddy1 at Big Yard Studio back in August.

“Ah never me bax him, somebody bax him, ah never me box him,” Beenie said as he raised his hands and added, “these hands, these hands are innocent.”

It is believed that due to last year’s Summa Sizzle show, Daddy1 and the 6ixx camp disappointed Beenie Man when they snubbed his event. The group’s spokesperson, Junior ‘Heavy D’ Fraser, had claimed that their absence from the show was due to unprofessional negotiations.

Intentions between the camps grew after Beenie Man criticized Daddy1 and his music during an Onstage TV interview. The ‘BroGad’ deejay wasn’t having it and called the Beenie a ‘battyman’ when they finally closed paths, saw things getting physical and Daddy1 getting “boxed down.”

“You can’t say dat…me ah tell you, ah disrespect him disrespect me.” Beenie Man said, however he maintains he wasn’t the one who did it.


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