A 27 year old Jamaican woman who posed as an orthodontist was fined when she appeared in a Bahamas court yesterday after pleading guilty to several charges of fraud.
Santini Kerr-Wilson, of Bonham Spring, Ocho Rios was charged with five counts of fraud by false pretenses, one count of illegally using the title of orthodontist, one count of falsely advertising as a dentist, one count of practicing as a dentist, one count of acquisition of the proceeds of criminal conduct in the amount of US$7,196 US dand one count of possessing US$7196, the proceeds of criminal conduct.
She was fined US$11600  or four years imprisonment.
Some of the money will be used to reimburse her clients.
The court heard that the mother of two and the operator the Italian Braces franchise, posted an ad in February which stated that she specialized in providing cosmetic braces as well as teeth whitening services and fillings, using the alias, Nicole Wilson.
Following the publication of the ad, Bahamas Dental Council president, Dr. Sparkman Ferguson was notified and the police contacted.
Wilson was located at a hotel, where police officers found documents which stated that her real name is Santini Kerr-Wilson, as well as a number of dental tools and cash in a room she occupied.
Investigations revealed that Wilson was authorised to sell products from the Italian Braces line, but not to perform dental procedures.
Documents and receipts of five clients showed that she performed dental work and received cash payments of 510 US dollars during the period February 26 to March 1.


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