There’s a beautiful article about an elementary school teacher who wore a dress that her students doodled on. It has been trending on social media because one, she looks amazing in the dress and two, she did it as a source of inspiration for her students. She thought it would be motivational for her students to see her wear a dress with their drawings on it.

Teaching is one of the most important careers in the world that unfortunately doesn’t get the attention or incentives it deserves. For many teachers, it’s a labor of love. They teach from the heart regardless of salary or incentives. Teaching goes well beyond imparting knowledge from specific subject matters. Teachers must also motivate or inspire creativity, drive, and passion in their students in a fun, comfortable learning environment.

Middle school students have painted a mural on a wall at the Caedmon building in Durham Region, Ontario, Canada. The mural represents social consciousness and global mindedness in the creative arts. Their art teacher Amy Budzelek inspires them to paint with meaning i.e. create art with a social impact.

Budzelek says, “I think it’s important to create, but it’s even more important to create with something behind it. In a world where we’re inundated with visuals, I think if you create something with the purpose of impacting or making a change in something, that’s when you get something that’s incredibly powerful with art.” She continues, “So it’s not just another pretty picture. It’s something that has grit, meaning, and purpose in the world.” (1)

Inspiring A New Generation of Artists

Teachers who inspire students help them to inspire others. Budzelek was inspired by her own teachers and now she is passing that down to her students. In Peter Reynold’s book, The Dot, Vashti, the main character became a prolific painter through her teacher’s inspiration and in turn inspired another student to do the same. (2)

For some students, inspiration comes more naturally and even subconsciously. An art teacher in Thailand noticed doodles from some of his students on their test papers. His way of inspiring them is to complete the unfinished doodles in a fun and sometimes funny way.

He explained, “At the beginning, most of them drew because they were bored, or waiting for a test to be finished. After they realized what I was doing, they started drawing more, and requesting me to add stuff.” (3)

Through innovative thinking, these teachers are capturing their students’ imaginations and channeling it into beautifully creative expressions. From elementary school to college, students’ minds are being inspired through visual arts. Two anonymous students who go by the moniker Dangerdust, have been leaving a trail of drawings on the chalkboards of the art department at a college in the United States. (4)

Not only are they artistic, but each drawing also contains inspirational content that will uplift those who read them. These drawings have resonated with students and teachers and are trending on certain social media platforms. From doodling to graphic design, student drawings have become a source of inspiration for all ages.


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