The Falmouth police in Trelawny, say they have now commenced an investigation surrounding the shooting death of an alleged gang leader, who was shot and killed by gunmen at his shop and bar, at Hague Settlement, also in Trelawny.
The deceased has been identified as 44-year-old Odale Forsythe, otherwise ” D” shop keeper of Hague Settlement.
Reports by the police are that last Saturday, Forsythe and some patrons were at his business place when three men armed with automatic pistol, entered the establish and open fire hitting Forsythe over fifteen times to his upper body.
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The gunmen escaped in the area on foot, and the police were summoned and upon their arrival, Forsythe was rushed to the Falmouth Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
One police source told our news team that Forsythe had been under the police radar for some time now, and in the past, he has been questioned on allegations that he is the leader of a gang operating out of Hague Settlement.


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