Markus Myrie did a full wipe of his Instagram account and removed photos with his father, Buju Banton.

The Markus Records CEO sent shockwaves in the music industry on Thursday night when he blasted Buju Banton in a series on Instagram posts.

“Dawg…. how the f**k you fi feel when you find out your father @BujuBanton the man weh sing boom bye bye, a one a d biggest battyman inna Jamaica,” Markus wrote in a now-deleted post.

Markus Myrie then shockingly called for the Grammy-winning entertainer be sent back to prison, claiming that there has been so much family drama since his release back in December, “This man needs to go back to prison and dead in deh @DonaldTrump y pree??? Come fi @Bujuofficial,” he continued.

Myrie added that he would be pressing charges against his father, however failed to mention the reason.


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