ARNOLD’S Caribbean Pizza, an American sitcom with Jamaican flavour, premieres on Flow TV today.

American executive producer Trenten Gumbs of 3G Film Inc said, for this project, he “wanted to do something unique”.

“I wanted to do something that stands out… Something that incorporates my Caribbean roots. I’m really excited,” Gumbs told the Jamaica Observerfrom his California base yesterday.

Arnold’s Caribbean Pizza centres around Arnold, who opens a pizza shop that serves Caribbean-themed toppings in the United States. American Bentley Kyle Evans is listed as its director and producer.

Veteran Jamaican actor Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter stars as Arnold. Anderson-Guther’s credits include Marked for Death (1990), Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994), and D on’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996).

Judi Johnson, Mark Anthony Williams, and Courtney Nevers complete the cast.

“The whole cast and writers are from Jamaica. It’s my first TV show with an all-Jamaican cast. The acting is incredible,” said Gumbs. “We didn’t want Caribbean people with fake accents. We wanted real and authentic accents. It’s a great presentation of Caribbean people and I’m happy with it.”

The executive producer said Arnold’s Caribbean Pizza began in 2014 with a pilot. The 13-week series’ budget was secured through “savings”.

“A lot of this came out of pocket. We invested in it as we believe in it,” he said.

Born in California, Gumbs said his Caribbean roots can be traced to his grandfather, who was born in Trinidad and Tobago.

No stranger to Jamaica, the former record producer has been to the island on several occasions.

“I filmed my first movie, Rude Boy: Jamaican Don (2003), in Jamaica. Mark Danvers, Beenie Man, and Jimmy Cliff were in it. There was also Gangsta’s Paradise and C op And A Bad Man,” he said.

Gumbs’ other television series includes Family Time and Love That Girl!

He has worked with American music A-listers including Eddie Murphy, Michael Jackson, and Luther Vandross.

He is expecting Arnold’s Caribbean Pizza to resonate with viewers.

“It’s gonna be big like any sitcom all over the world. The talent is there. They’re gonna enjoy it. They’re gonna have a good time,” he added


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