If you love the outdoors, but camping doesn’t appeal to you, then a garden dome may be the perfect answer for you. Most people aren’t fond of mosquitoes biting us while we sleep, spiders crawling on us while we sit by the campfire, or flies landing on our food. Yet, the outdoors still calls to us. We long to rest under the moon with the relaxing sounds of a running creek or chirping crickets lulling us to sleep. What to do?

Glamping is the answer!

The Camping Compromise

Glamping is where camping meets glamor. It offers a compromise for those who want to connect with nature, yet remain in a bug-free, warm, safe environment. The earth is resplendent with mountains, fields, and forests, yet we have to spend our days staring at computer screens or stuck at work. The perfect place to relax and unwind, of course, is in nature. Glamping offers all the benefits of a stress-reducing vacation close to the earth, without the worries that traditional camping carries with it. Every continent provides glamping destinations, varying from the tops of mountains to the shores of lakes. If herbs are your passion, you can even find a glamping site in an herb field. If exotic animals excite you, you can glamp on an African safari. If you’ve always dreamed of sleeping in a treehouse, you can even glamp in a tree.

Amazon dome
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Eco-Friendly Glamping

For those who want to preserve the planet while vacationing and wonder if glamping is eco-friendly, there are limitless glamping opportunities for eco-tourists. Glamping can be perfectly sustainable with the right equipment and habits. While pitching a tent might be the most earth-friendly way to vacation, glamping is a close second. Fortunately, many glamping locations give tourists the option of bringing their own glamping gear, including privacy beds and clear inflatable tents. The accessories can be placed almost anywhere and completely removed after vacation, just like traditional camping equipment. With a little research, environmentally-cautious glampers can discover sustainable glamping destinations all over the world.

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The Garden Dome

Best of all, taking a glamping vacation is as close as your backyard. There’s a product on the market that’s ideal for anyone who wants to be one with nature, stay close to home, and luxuriate like a vacationer. It’s called the Garden Dome Igloo.

While there are numerous sizes and similar products available, the Garden Dome Igloo has a few remarkable features. You can set up this geodesic, transparent structure right outside your home. Remarkably, it can remain in the same place all year. It’s built to withstand harsh weather – from pouring rain to freezing snow. In fact, the garden dome is strong enough to hold up to 90 pounds of snow! Even tall people can enjoy the dome as much as anybody since it has an internal height of more than 7 feet. This dome allows backyard glampers to lounge in the sunshine and relish the views, without dealing with bugs or having to leave home. (1)

amazon glass dome

The Perfect Way To Unwind

The next time you start to feel stressed out about where to vacation, how much it will cost, and the pressures of traveling, keep in mind that there’s now an option that might be perfect for you: the Garden Dome Igloo.


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