This house was built and furnished 72 years ago by the lady who is now ready to sell it. She has always taken excellent care of her home and is very attached to it. It is a real shame that she is no longer able to take care of herself and her house and that she felt compelled to sell it.


When the broker stepped inside, his mouth was wide open. The house looked fantastic. It almost felt like a home of a royal family. On the outside, this house looks common and ordinary, but as soon as you step inside, it feels like you have stepped into a completely different world. It is illuminated, luxurious and is full of very old vintage furniture that was well taken care of. Dust or stains are nowhere to be found. It is clear that this lady loved all her possessions and that she cherished them.

The rooms in this house are decorated in many different styles.


I have always tried to be an individual and to follow my own style. My favorite colors are pink, purple and bright ocean blue, the owner says. Some rooms are cool and stylishly, decorated in an old-fashioned style, while other rooms give an old, rural feel. Isn’t it great? With a house like this, you almost feel royal.


In the basement, you will find this great country bar and lounge room. The perfect place to relax after a long working day.

Pink is her favorite color!

Just like the rest of the house, the small breakfast table could also be used as a set for a retro film. It is clear that the owner had it for all kinds of shades of pink. You can find pink accents or wallpaper in almost every room, which gives you the feeling that this house is a fairy tale.



The bedroom is more sober, and gives a harmonious impression. When you sleep here, you almost feel like a real member of the English royal family! The daughter of the owner remembers that her father always said to her mother: You can decorate the other rooms as you like, but no pink in the bedroom please. She has clearly compensated for this in the other rooms.

The third bedroom has a different favorite color purple. She combined this with dark wood and orange. It may seem like a strange combination, but we think this is simply charming.



Our compliments for her beautiful interior and the efforts to keep the house in good condition. As the local broker said: It is a gem hidden in its shell. We really love this house because it is so special! We hope that the next owner will take care of it just as well and will love it as much as this lady has clearly done.


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