MANY career women are make-up novices, and that’s fine because most times all they want to be able to master is a cute everyday look  something that will complement the gorgeous dress and shoes they found on And while many look to make-up influencers for guidance with techniques, deciding on the right products to get from the dozens they seem to use to when creating a natural look can be quite overwhelming.

Not to worry though, creative marketing coordinator for Kaelyn’s Distributors Limited, Gabrielle McDowell, has shared a list of 10 essential products that every professional woman should have, to achieve a warm, natural, work-appropriate look.


Cleansing your face is perhaps the most important part of the make-up application process — it gets rid of dead skin cells and dust build-up on your face.

“One of the best products that will help you to achieve this is the new Black Radiance Clean It Up! Water to Foam Cleanser. Not only does it remove build-up on the surface of your skin, but it does a deep clean that detoxes your skin, which not only leaves your skin feeling great, but it also gives it a natural radiance.


When applying make-up many people skip the moisturising process and move on to the primer, but this is a mistake. Sometimes make-up dries the skin and so using a moisturiser protects your skin against this. McDowell said that you should moisturise even if you have oily skin as this helps to maintain moisture and aids in preparing the skin for when you start applying the mattifying products to your skin. A good product for this job, she said, is the Black Radiance Luminous Dry Oil.


Many people also render face primers useless — but not true, says McDowell, who reasons that primers offer a range of skincare benefits.

“Face primers hydrate the skin before make-up application. They can also be used to set the final make-up look at the end, and even rehydrate your skin throughout the day.” She recommends adding the Wet n Wild Photo Focus 3-in-1 Primer Water to your make-up essentials.


By the time we get to the foundation, most women will say finally, some familiar product is going on! The foundation is usually of a liquid, cream or powder consistency. Its purpose is to give the skin a uniformed complexion and to cover blemishes. McDowell’s pick for the ideal foundation is the Black Radiance Color Perfect Foundation Stick.

“This product is a full coverage matte foundation that is easy to carry in your make-up bag, and gives the skin a flawless finish,” McDowell said.

TIP: If you are uncertain about your shade, get the assistance of a beauty therapist.


The concealer is a go-to product for most women. It helps to mask scars and dark spots, age spots and blemishes. It does a similar job to the foundation, but if some spots are still visible, for example, when there is a lot of discolouration around or under the eyes, then the concealer is the product for the job. McDowell recommends the Black Radiance Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer. It gives lightweight and buildable coverage that will make your eyes, for example, look younger and more awake.


The product that helps with creating the final glow is the bronzer. It’s sometimes used to darken or add warmth to areas of the face which enhances your tan, and if applied properly, will give the face a healthy, radiant appearance.

“One of the best bronzers on the market is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer— it is a long-wearing gel-infused formula that leaves the skin looking sun-kissed and healthy,” McDowell said.


When your lashes have volume your eyes pop. Mascara adds length, thickness and intensity to your lashes. One of the best products to achieve this look, McDowell says, is that new Black Radiance Eye Appeal Lash Sculptor Mascara. She says that it is great whether you prefer a natural or more dramatic lash effect.


Even when the rest of your face is going south on a day when you just don’t have the time or energy, the right lipstick has the power to transform your look. The Wet n Wild Mega Last Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick is ideal for this job. This is a popular and super pigmented matte liquid lipstick that is both long-wearing and lightweight, McDowell said.


Contour kit

If you want to rush from work to a dinner date or a girls’ night out and would like to transform your look by adding some dimension to your face, McDowell says that the Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette is the product you are looking for.

“This product comes in both a creme and powder formula and is perfect to sculpt and add extra definition to the facial features. It is also great for quickly applying a natural-eye look if you are in a rush,” McDowell shared.


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