Clarence Garwood, a 74-year-old farmer and builder, perished in a fire at his home early this morning.

He is the second person to have died in a fire in the parish this year.

Garwood’s charred body was found face down in his bedroom, located at the front of the house, by fire personnel who responded to the fire.

A board section of the house was completely destroyed, along with the bedroom.

The Port Antonio fire service responded and put out the blaze. The cause of the fire is not yet determined; however, the estimated damage is $3 million.

Genevieve Smith, Garwood’s neighbour, described him as a jovial person.

“I was in my bed and I heard a call, ‘fire, fire’, and as I am a business owner and have a shop for myself, I thought it was my shop. When I got up and opened the window I saw fire over Mr Garwood’s residence so I started to call out,” she said.

“I called the Hope Bay Police Station and I couldn’t get through, and I Googled the fire brigade and I called them and told them that my neighbour’s house is on fire and I don’t know if he is in there because I don’t see him. Within less than twenty minutes the fire truck was here,” she added.

She said Garwood was a jovial person who was always running jokes.

“Nothing in this world trouble that man. Anything at all you say to him he just laugh,” she said.

It’s sad to know that every morning when I come here I can’t call him no more.”

She said Garwood did building work, and farmed banana, coconut and yam.

He also reared pigs.


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