If there’s one thing I crave more than anything in the world it’s a good night’s sleep. And I mean an undeniably good night’s sleep. The level of sleep quality that’s so delicious you wake up feeling like a new person with energy, bright eyes, and the motivation to do the impossible. You know, as opposed to other days where you wake up feeling like you got dragged around all night by a herd of elephants.

If only there was an exact formula for the perfect beauty sleep. Do you sleep with a fan or without? Use extra covers or none at all? On the floor or more elevated? Unfortunately, for the most part, we’re left on our own. However, I have learned recently that one big element when it comes tosleep quality is keeping your room cold. It may be just one of the many factors, but at this point, I’ll take anything I can get.

Sleep Quality In A Cold Room

Researchers and sleep experts found that sleep quality is much better if your room is on the cool side, or between 60  and 67 degrees Fahrenheit (16 to 19 degrees Celsius). This is because at night your body core actually drops in temperature which signals your body that it’s time to sleep. So if your core doesn’t cool down enough you could be stuck counting sheep all night long and have nothing to show for it. (1, 2, 3)

Sleeping In A Cold Room Is Good For Your Health

In addition to improved sleep quality, keeping your bedroom cold also has several health benefits. A change in temperature can better your sleep and your health? Count me in. Here are some of the top health benefits.

1. Can Help With Insomnia

Insomnia is more than just being awake all night. It can also be connected to depression, anxiety, back pain, gastrointestinal issues, arthritis, and an imbalance of hormones. Keeping your room at a cooler temperature may give your mind and body the sleep it craves. (4, 1)

2. Promotes Weight Loss

Sleeping in a colder temperature causes your body to convert white fat cells into brown fat cells (the good kind of fat cells). This, in turn, improves your glucose metabolism which can assist in weight loss and decrease your risk of obesity and diabetes. (5)

3. Supports Antiaging

Researchers found poor sleep quality is associated with signs of aging. One study showed that higher quality sleep decreased cardiovascular risk, and increased longevity. Another study even showed that better sleep increased satisfaction with appearance.  Keep your room cold for higher quality sleep, and you could feel younger every night! (6, 7)

To Fan Or Not To Fan?

The most popular and perhaps the cheapest way to keep your room cool at night is to sleep with a fan. But leaving your fan on all night every night isn’t always the best option. In fact, it can even come with some health risks. If you sleep with a fan you could be drying out your skin, eyes, and mouth. Constant air circulation could also cause allergies, sinus irritation, and even stiff and sore muscles. (8, 9)

Alternate Ways To Keep Cool

Well, how am I supposed to keep my room cold if I don’t sleep with a fan? First of all, if it doesn’t bother you to sleep with a fan, then go right ahead. If your best option for keeping cool is to sleep with a fan, more power to you. But if you do struggle with any of the above issues, here are some alternate ways to keep cool at night. 

  • Freeze your sheets, pillowcase, and pajamas just before bedtime.
  • Bring an ice pack into bed for your feet or under your neck.
  • Sleep in a hammock or on a cot for more air circulation.
  • Take a cold shower before bed.
  • Hang a wet sheet over an open window.
  • Sleep on the lowest floor of your house, such as the basement where it’s cooler.
  • Switch out your bedding for more breathable cotton.

Do What You Gotta Do For Better Sleep Quality

Let’s be completely honest. When it gets hot enough, I’m gonna keep my fan running at high speed no matter how dry my skin gets. But if keeping my room cool is the key to getting that beauty sleep I’ve been craving, you can bet I’ll also be trying everything else under the moon to do it. So try out some of the ideas above and reward yourself with some truly high-quality sleep tonight!


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