Despite negative comments about her, 18-year-old Instagram sensation Ladasha Francis, aka Mackerel and the ‘tek people man’ vlogger, is defending her stance about ‘tekking people man’.

Francis told THE WEEKEND STAR that she does not have a significant other and is content because other people’s men are just fine for her.

She said while many may bash her for being honest, people must acknowledge that their significant other may be cheating on them with someone else. In some instances, some women are doing the same thing she is talking about but they are not as open with it as she is.

“People man caa stop tek because at the end of the day, mi enjoy people man. Mi nuh have no responsibilities when you tek people man. Mi nah wash, cook or clean, mi just collect,” she said.

Since her Instagram debut, Francis said that there have been negative comments, but she is unfazed.

“This is just me, me see people bash top entertainers too. When I read the comments mi hear people a seh mi fava cockroach, spray the Baygon. You seh mi a cockroch but mi just a give the people what they want,” she said.

The precocious teen said her gimmicks are just a gateway to her true calling, which is comedy.

Francis, who went to the HEART Academy in Stony Hill, St Andrew, (where she got her nickname) said that she has always dreamt of becoming a comedian and plans to go for professional training at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts.

She said that as far back as she can remember, she loved making people happy.

“I am the type of person who likes comedy,” she said. “I love to have people around me and the bag a laughter and those things. If you sad, I want to say something to you for you to just laugh. People used to seh you know you can go do this (comedy) because it fits your personality, and mi find miself a seh a true dem a talk.”


Since her debut on Instagram last February, she has managed to gain more than 20,00 followers in a day.

Francis said that she will use this fame to get recognition, and, hopefully, a chance at schooling at Edna Manley.

Francis is even planning to start her own clothing line.

“I decided to do T-shirt (line) because mi know seh people like mackerel and mi just know seh mi have people weh just a wait fi mi post supm. Yuh a go have ‘goodie come out’ pan it, ‘people man nice and comfortable’, ‘ugly and proud’, ‘too cute it a mad dem’ pan it, and dem supm deh a go deh pan it,” she said.

Currently, she has done two promotional parties and she said that she is grateful for the exposure. She said that very soon, she will have her own YouTube channel to help propel her career.

“Mi was just a normal somebody but now when mi go out (people are saying): ‘You girl weh mi see pan mi Facebook’. A dem reaction deh mi a get now,” she said. “I feel awesome because I just always wanted to be that entertainment girl. I just always wanted to be a people person and a comedian.”

Meanwhile, Francis said she would like to clarify misconceptions by persons who believe that she was beaten for taking the wrong man.

She said that the incident took place last year and she was actually being a good Samatritan.

“The video with my head buss was from Decemeber. I was parting a fight and instead of the person weh a trouble the other person get lick, a me get the lick,” she said.


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