A 17-year-old boy in on the run after he reportedly impregnated his two sisters during the lockdown.

According to the woman who goes by the name Rose. She shared the most frightening event of a 17-year-old teenager who managed to impregnated his 15 and 13 years old sisters during the lockdown period of COVID-19.

Rose went into details saying the 3 siblings were home alone throughout the lockdown that lasted for about five weeks because their mom was an essential worker had to be away from home most times.

The sexually active teen seemingly was unable to control his appetite for sex and therefore began fooling about with younger siblings.

The mother became suspicious after seeing both girls becoming very ill.

They did not immediately see a doctor due to the stress on health facilities with the COVID outbreak.

Doctors later confirmed that the girls were indeed pregnant and investigation pointed fingers at the eldest who was in charge of them the whole time.

The boy made a run for it leaving his phone behind which investigators say had multiple lewd images and videos downloaded from pornographic web pages and also homemade.

Community member, as well as the police, have launched a major search for the teen.

source: newsbugmedia


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