London street style isn’t a new phenomenon—the pavements of our capital city have long been dotted with photographers capturing the fashion zeitgeist, from i-D magazine’s era-defining straight-ups in the 1980s through to documentary snaps of Carnaby Street’s ’60s mods and rockers. You’ll even be able to dig up a Victorian style snap here and there—even if the focus was probably on the automobiles and industry backdrop, we don’t pass up any chance to see a bustle in action.

Today you may be likely to find less of the extreme and extremely diverse underground tribes that this cultural hub has always been famed for, but there are still style factions present—and many that we draw great inspiration from. London’s a place where you can wear your wackiest outfit to breakfast and no one will bat an eyelid. However, it’s also a place where you can be ultra chic and businesslike one day and trend-led the next. Your style can be whatever it wants to be, at any given time—and the girls (and guys) of the west, east, north and south really do give good outfits 24/7.

That’s why we’re bringing a new instalment each month of true London street style to Who What Wear UK. This November it’s truly about coping with the plummeting temperatures with the most style-savvy (but cosy) methods—from choosing statement socks to restyling last year’s winter scarf in a fresh way to finding the best faux fur on the market. Oh, and if you ever had an inkling that Londoners loved sneakers—you’d be VERY right