The new years Unanticipated gift from the nine time olympic gold medal winner and three time world record holder Usain Bolt, which he had planed from his 2015 visit to France.

According to Usian Bolt purchased a 5k encrusted Dimond necklace the piece is said to have a estimated value of US$ 2.3 million dollar. the one of a kind custom built pice was Designed by one of europe’s finest jeweler.

It has been said that the couple has been together for four years. The Relationship was pretty quiet for the most part until his Rio 2016 Lighting speed Olympic Appearance.

When Bolt was Spotted Tongue Locked In a London club, volumes of criticism bit at him for he had declared his engagement to an unknown damsel prayer to his Rio Appearance.

After his ninth medal he took his fiancé Kasi Bennett On an Adventurous Vacation to Bora Bora.screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-2-07-53-pmJamMediaOne cannot however confirm or deny if this is True…