Dancehall fans are currently divided on Spice’s new complexion.

The “Needle Eye” deejay debuted the new light-skinned look on Monday ahead of the release of her “Black Hypocrisy” music video. However while many believed it was all a publicity stunt, others are now puzzled as to why Spice is yet to return to her natural melanin goodness.

“Wait i’m really confused now! I thought this was all a publicity but now i’m not so sure, why hasn’t she turned back black as yet,” one fan wrote under her video. “Spice what’s going on stop playing with us nuh muma,” another added.

Spice remains tight-lipped and is adding more fuel to the rumours with a slew of new posts uploaded to her Instagram page.

The newly crowned “Queen of Dancehall” asked fans on Thursday to give her a new name to fit her transformation, “I just realize that she needs a name i’ve seen so many funny names . Help me name the brown spice. #Flour #Salt#Seasonsalt #rice #lasco #curry ???? 😂🤣😂🤣😂,” she wrote.

Spice then challenged fans to a bet to see if her complexion is real or fake.

Meanwhile, Spice, whose given name is Grace Hamilton is cashing out on the controversy. Her “Black Hypocrisy” music video clocked over one million views on Youtube in less than 24 hours following its release on Tuesday.

Black Hypocrisy tackles the issue of colourism. In the song, Spice reveals that for years she has had to deal with harsh criticism about the colour of her skin, often by those who were the same complexion as her. Pointing out that black people are very critical of their own kind, Spice urges people of colour to love the skin they are in.

The visuals is currently the number one trending video on Youtube in Jamaica. The Spice and Xtreme Arts-directed cut is also trending in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, the first Dancehall visuals to chart on the streaming platform across the world.

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