The management of reggae singer Singing Sweet is moving aggressively to protect the singer’s brand and intellectual property from exploitation online.

In a letter addressed to several users of Youtube who have posted Singing Sweet songs with a picture of Ghost, manager and Sweet Music CEO Dr Dave Wallace has warned that his lawyers will be moving quickly to rectify the situation.

“It has been brought to our attention that the brand Singing Sweet and the intellectual property of this artist has continuously been infringed upon through various social media platforms. Singing Sweet’s cover versions of the songs “When I See Your Smile” and “Oh Donna” is consistently being mislabeled under the name and the picture of “Ghost”, on YouTube,” the letter stated.

Consequently, we are moving forward to protect the right of our artist, as such, a cease and desist letter has been sent to all the pertinent violating parties.

“This confusion has caused substantial harm to the trademark, Singing Sweet, so we need these parties to cease and desist in any furtherance of usage of the Singing Sweet trademark in association with the sale, viewership, marketing, distribution, promotion or other identification of the artiste known as Ghost,” the letter said.

Singing Sweet is known for the hit covers of the singles, ‘Oh Donna’, a Richie Valens original, and ‘When I See You Smile’ which was an international smash hit for rock band Bad English.

“This is one of the main things I need to address with regards to my brand. Me and Ghost a good friends, we even have a song together but this is business, what is due to Caesar, you render unto Caesar, give me my due, the confusion has affected by ability to earn and get shows, I need it to be fixed,” Singing Sweet, whose given name is Paul McFarlane, said.

“People might argue say these songs are just covers, but I was able to bring something special to those songs, that’s why I still earn off those songs 20 years later, they were on VP’s ‘Strictly the Best’ and ‘Reggae Gold’ albums, ah me mek Bad English even richer,” he joked.

Now in his 30s, the singer is hoping re-establish his presence in the country of his birth. He recently released a video for the single, ‘It’s Not a Bad Thing’ featuring Chino, and before that, he got a decent buzz with the single, ‘One More Day In the Slum’, a combination with roots-reggae singer Kibaki Pyramid on the Chimney Record label..

“Right now, I want to push more original material, plus I am working on an album for my label, Sweet Music,” he said.

Last year, Singing Sweet got a major boost when rapper Kidd Kidd who is signed to G Unit Records, used his vocals from his cover, ‘When I See You Smile’, on his mixtape, Rappers Worst Nightmare 2.

Hailing from the tough inner-city community of Grant’s Pen, he said he was drawn to music by his parents who were always singing around the house. He got his break in 1991 on Phillip ‘Fattis’ Burrell’s Xterminator label with a cover of ‘Lonely is The Night’, before scoring big with ‘Oh Donna’ and ‘When I See You Smile’ at the tender age of 13.

FEATURED IMAGE: Singing Sweet (left) and Ghost