New York came under fire over the weekend after she took aim at Agent Sasco’s wife, Nicole McLaren-Campbell.

In a now-deleted post uploaded to her Instagram account, the exotic dancer asked social media users why the “Winning Right Now” singer always looked better than his wife.

“Since this [is] social media, i just wanna know why Assassin [Agent Sasco] fine ass always looking better than his wife?,” New York questioned. “Am i the only one who sees this?”

Seemingly uploaded to cause a stir online, the former Teacha’s Pet cast member’s plan backfired as she was quickly blasted my social media users.

“New York fi stick to being Dancehall artiste groupie and leave grown and educated people alone,” one user wrote, “Smh this post is so distasteful! Leave Nicole alone you low life.”

Sean Paul’s wife Jodi ‘Jinx’ Henriques also chimed in saying, “How can one person be so shallow???”

View New York’s post below.