The ancillary worker who was reportedly beaten by a group of boys at St Thomas Technical High School yesterday  has been charged with assault.

It is said that the charge was proffered after one of the students complained of chest pains as a result of the melee.

A source at the school told OBSERVER ONLINE that the man, who is employed as a chef and also heads the cadet unit, usually intervenes in fights and was in the process of quelling one when he was attacked.

According to the well-placed source, the man had separated two female students who were locked in a fight and was taking one of them to the principal’s office when a male student queried his intended destination with the girl.

The man subsequently held the boy and was taking him along when other boys attacked him, the source said, explaining that some students are involved in different gangs, which clash from time to time.

 The source disclosed that other members of staff have also been threatened by the gang-affiliated students.

An emergency meeting was this morning convened with the Ministry of Education and teachers in order to decide on a way forward.

Up to the time of this publication, the meeting was still said to be in progress.