My name is Julie Fredrickson and I am the co-founder of Minimum Viable Fitness, a fitness, and nutrition program designed to fit the lifestyle of busy professionals. I’m also a three-time start-up founder, a powerlifter, and a passionate advocate for taking a balanced approach to entrepreneurship.

But I wasn’t always fit, and I didn’t always have the most balanced approach to my health. When I first attempted to turn my life around via diet and fitness, I learned I was doing it all wrong.

Panic Room

When I was 25, I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My doctor didn’t mince words—he said that because I was 20 pounds overweight and had a family history of heart disease and diabetes, it made sense for me to go on Lipitor (a commonly prescribed statin drug) immediately.

It wasn’t exactly a bolt from the blue. After several years of living in New York, I had become sedentary, developed terrible eating habits, drank regularly, and had a host of vague health issues that left me lethargic, itchy, and altogether miserable.