Two men are being treated for bullet wounds after gunmen hijacked their truck on Melrose bypass in Manchester Friday morning.
It is reported that about 2 o’clock, the driver and his assistant were heading to Negril to deliver goods.
Clifford Chambers, Assistant Commissioner of Police for Area Three, told RJR News that the attackers were in a car which drove up beside the truck.
He said they began to use certain driving tactics to intimidate the truck driver to stop, presumably so they could rob them.
When the truck driver realised what was happening, he tried to elude the men, who in turn opened gunfire, hitting truck driver and his assistant.
The driver was shot in his abdomen while the assistant was shot in his hand and face.
The driver is said to be in critical condition and undergoing emergency surgery. The assistant remains hospitalised.
ACP Chambers said the police will be strengthening measures such as increased patrolling to clampdown on criminals attacking motorists on Melrose bypass.