Dancehall Artiste Kranium disses fan for comment made about him


Popular Jamaican Dancehall Artiste Kranium went in beast mode on a fan after she posted on twitter “Kranium voice sound sexy on “we can” but he’s not” the Artiste didn’t just took it with a grain of salt

Kranium went straight ahead and responded to he tweet by saying “U actually f*ck up my night you remind me of Daisy a mongrel dog i use to have”


“Lol mi notice say Kranium don’t miss a beat him stay comment creeping lmaoooooooo”

“Him too sensitive and nuff… no reach nowhere yet and a hype…”

“Kranium, everybody caan cute suh instead a cuss di girl is your parents you should be talking to. On a different note, why we always feel the need to talk about ppl’s looks, cause at the end of the day if old age is here fi equalize everybody, cute today is one ting, cute over 40 is another. So if you look good stay humble cause di years many times will have no mercy on you.”