The police are now looking into reports that the lawman who was arrested in connection with two stolen motor cars on Wednesday, may have been a player in an island-wide car-stealing ring.

On Thursday a senior cop revealed that investigators have recovered a third motorcar, which they believe was stolen in a similar manner to the two cars that were recovered by officers from the Ferry Police Station in St Catherine on Wednesday.

“A third vehicle was recovered by (the) Ferry police, and based on investigations so far, the documents to this vehicle were found to have been doctored in similar fashion to the other two motorcars that were stolen and recovered on Wednesday,” said the senior officer who declined to disclose further details on the investigation.

Indications are that the paper works for all three stolen vehicles have been tracked to the same personnel at a Corporate Area agency that is relevant the handling of motor vehicle transfers.

The police said the investigation got under way after they stopped the driver of a Nissan Tiida motorcar on the East West toll highway in St Catherine on Wednesday. The vehicle was examined and was discovered to have been stolen.

Further checks revealed that the driver allegedly bought the car from a district constable from the St Catherine South Police Division, and the constable was summoned by the investigators.

Reports are that the district constable arrived at the station in a Toyota Axio motorcar. That car was also checked by the investigators, and was found to have been stolen in Westmoreland.

The constable was subsequently taken into custody.

The Inspectorate of Constabulary (IOC) and the St Catherine South police are investigating the developments.