A Chinese woman, who was seen slapping a school girl in a video being circulated on social media, has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm, the police have reported.

The woman is observed in the 30-second clip holding the child by her collar and asking her about a $40 payment.

Twelve seconds into the video, the woman slapped the child, who is dressed in school uniform, and hurled expletives at her.

Police said the incident took place in a grocery store on Main Street in Clarks Town, Trelawny on Thursday, December 7, 2017 about 12:45 pm.

The matter was reported to the police and the Chinese woman, identified as 53-year-old Chinese national Yuemei Pan, was arrested the same day.

According to police, the teen went into the store, operated by Pan, picked up an item to purchase and went to the counter.

Pan later accused the teen of stealing, grabbed her and slapped her in the face.