Some 2,300 youngsters from across the island are to be employed from next Monday to audit the country’s streetlights and road signs.

Some of the youngsters are also to be employed to identify vulnerable persons within communities who may require assistance during periods of natural disasters and other forms of emergency.

The initiative was announced at the launch of the National Youth Summer Employment programme at Jamaica College Auditorium in St Andrew.

The brainchild of Local Government and Community Development Minister, Desmond McKenzie, the programme is to run from August 14 to September 8, with the workers being paid at the rate of $16,000 per fortnight.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, in launching the initiative, said it is a key component of the ongoing drive to restore order, safety and security across the country.

The Prime Minister also expressed confidence that despite the national challenges, the country could transition to first world status within the lifespan of the current young generation.