The police are searching for five prisoners, including two alleged rapists and a murderer, who escaped the Ocho Rios police station lockup early Friday morning.

Those who escaped have been identified as 48-year-old Gary Ferguson, who was in custody for unlawful possession of property and rape; 28-year-old David Anderson, in custody for rape; 24-year-old Renardo Williams, in custody for illegal possession of firearm; 22-year-old Nicholas Massop, of Pineapple in Ocho Rios, in custody for the murder of Leslie Burgher, committed in February of this year; and 61-year-old Leroy Lord, in custody for illegal possession of firearm.

The inmates escaped after they pried open metal bars at the top section of their cells.

Initial reports are that checks were made on the cells at about 4 am, when the police observed the men missing.